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    Season 2021 Chinese Super League to start on April 20
    作者:Liu Hongyan 来源:Hualong Net 时间:2021-04-07 14:18:57责编:Ye Xi

    CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Recently, Chinese Football Association officially announced 2021 Season Chinese Super League starting time and grouping details. Meanwhile, Chinese Football Association and the Preparation Team of Chinese Super Professional League held the working conference of Season 2021 (Chinese Super League, Chinese Football Association China League and Chinese Football Association Division Two League) in Shanghai, and determined that the starting time of 2021 Season Chinese Super League is April 20. With respect to grouping details, Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics was in Group A and will finish competition in Guangzhou Division. Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics plans to go to Dongguan to prepare for the competition and attend warmup match before April 4.

    It’s going to be a challenge for Group A

    According to the arrangement by Chinese Football Association, 2021 Season Chinese Super League is to be started on April 20, the first two divisions of Stage I is Guangzhou and Suzhou, and Guangzhou Division will undertake the opening ceremony. Among the groups of Stage I, Group A will finish competition in Guangzhou Division, covering Guangzhou Club, Shandong Taishan Club, Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics, Henan Songshan Longmen Club, Guangzhou City Football Club, Shenzhen Club, Qingdao Club and Cangzhou Xiongshi Club. Group B will finish competition in Suzhou Division, covering Beijing Guoan Football Club, Shanghai Haigang Football Club, Shanghai Shenhua Football Club, Heibei Club, Tianjin Jinmenhu Club, Dalianren Football Club, Changchun Yatai Football Club and Wuhan Club.

    However, by press time, Chinese Football Association did not release the specific schedule of Stage I, Stage II and Stage III. It was reported that this year, the CSL will try to have 30 rounds, but the schedule of the entire league will depend on how Chinese Football Team performs among the top 40. Currently, the schedule of Chinese Football Team among the top 40 is released that it will meet Guam on May 30, Maldives on June 3, the Philippines on June 9 and Syria on June 15.

    From the current situation, at least three clubs including Guangzhou Club, Shandong Taishan Club and Shenzhen Club aim to the Asian Championship in Group A. Especially, Shandong Taishan Club and Shenzhen Club took actions continuously in the whole winter, and they can be called as the“big buyers” in the club transfer market. Under the condition that Guedes and Moises cannot rejoin them, Shandong Taishan Club actively found the foreign helpers of Chinese Football Association China League, showing that it paid much attention to competition results. Moreover, Shenzhen Club introduced Kardec, Quintero, Acheampong, et. al., so it is as good as the said two clubs.

    In addition, the strength of Cangzhou Xiongshi Club and Henan Jianye Club in the same group cannot be underestimated, especially Cangzhou Xiongshi Club was very active in the transfer market this year, and has a greater improvement compared with the last season. Qingdao Club also showed an indomitable attitude in the last season and has a lot of experience in avoiding relegation. By contrast, Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics lineup changes greatly, and all players shall run in with each other after the arrival of new comers, so it is not easy for them to finish the task in the Stage I. (Translated by Liu Hongyan, Fathom Language Limited)







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