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    Blooming flowers all the way
    作者:Wang Huixin 来源:Hualong net 时间:2021-04-08 13:01:41责编:Ye Xi

    CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- On April 5, vehicles passed by on Beibin Road covered by Rosa chinensis in Jiangbei District. With the temperature gradually warming up, more than 500 Rosa chinensis planted in the area came into full bloom, in red, pink and white, staggered in a beautiful way. It is learned that the new variety of Rosa chinensis planted in the District this year blooms from early March to December and can bloom several times a year, with big flowers and a large volume of flowers, making it highly ornamental. At present, in addition to Beibin Road, Jianxin North and South Road, Yuao Avenue and the northern extension of Shuangbei Bridge in the District are also heavily planted with Rosa chinensis. (Photographed by Cui Li/Vision Chongqing) 







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